FOODTRAY2GO, worry free and worth-every-penny Food Trays and Packed Meals catering to areas in Metro Manila

Online food delivery is now in during this time! But how sure are you to trust if it’s worth-every-penny on what you have ordered? Is it safe and has the quality of food on what you are paying?

Worry free! As FOODTRAY2GO is here with wide selection of international dishes from your Asian favorites to Western cuisines.

A day before the delivery, I placed my order using the form provided using this link:

From their menu I choose the Bundle Meals, good for 3 to 4 person worth Php1,599. Ordered some combination of Korean, Chinese, Filipino and Western dishes:

-Korean Beef Stew

-Kung Pao Chicken

-Baked Fish Fillet with White Sauce and Bacon


-Baked Mac

And an add-on of 8 inches French Apple Pie worth 1,850.00 from their cake selections.

On the day of delivery via third party courier, the food arrived on time and was packed safely. I was amazed with the packaging of Bundle Meals with all the food I ordered in round platter. Safe, clean and looks appetizing. The French Apple Pie box was pretty awesome too, Food Tray 2 Go also added a candle without asking of it, just in case you will celebrate something on the said day.

I’m so speechless when it comes to flavor, I never imagine that I can get the worth of every single penny that I paid for. I can say all the dishes will now be favorites for FoodTray2Go. Kung Pao Chicken, Sotanghon, Baked Fish, Korean Beef Stew, Baked Mac and French Apple Pie really stand out.

Feel free to contact FOODTRAY2GO on VIBER at 0917-7026395 or through our Instagram @FOODTRAY2GO for faster transactions.


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Flash Sale From The Bistro Group and Food Panda!Have “Super Sundays” and “Mega Mondays” this October and November

Bistro Group restaurants and Food Panda are offering deals that you simply can’t resist- “Super Sundays and Mega Mondays” this October and November!

Enjoy 40% off on your total orders on October 18 & 19, 25& 26 and on November 1 & 2, 8 & 9, 15 & 16, 22 & 23 and 29 & 30!

These offers are valid for delivery in the following restaurants: TGIFRiday’s, Italianni’s, Denny’s, Texas Roadhouse, Watami, Modern Shanghai, Red Lobster, Bulgogi Brothers, Fish & Co, ChowCiao, Buffalo Wild Wings, El Pollo Loco, Las Flores, Rambla, Tomatito and The Test Kitchen.


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What is it about sushi that makes it one of the world’s most prominently favored dishes? Strikingly a balance between sweet, salty and sour, its dominant umami flavor makes it distinct and special.

Watami gives you several kinds of Sushi in A Box, so you’ll have a taste of popular varieties to satisfy your craving for this Japanese delicacy. Vinegared rice is garnished with different ingredients such as tuna, salmon, kani, beef, assorted veggies and even tempura.

Check out of the following and see what suits your fancy:

Box 1 – 8 pcs each of California Maki, Kani Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Spicy Salmon Maki

Box 2 – 16 pcs Tokyo Beef Roll, 8 pcs each of California Maki, Spicy Tuna Roll and Spicy Salmon Maki

Box 3 – 8 pcs each of California Maki, Salmon Maki Miso, Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll and Spicy Tuna Rolls

Round Platter Small – Salmon Bowl,  8 pcs each of Kani Roll, California Maki,  Spicy Tuna Roll and Salmon Maki Miso

Round Platter Medium – 8 pcs each of Volcano Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll,  Spicy Salmon Maki and California Maki and 12 pcs of King Dragon Feast

Round Platter Large – 8 pcs each of Salmon Maki Miso, Spicy Tuna Roll and Ebi Dynamite, 16 pcs each of Tokyo Beef Roll, California Maki and Salmon Tempura Roll

Watami’s Sushi In A Box can be enjoyed by you and your family whether at home or at Watami restaurants.  It is available for delivery (Grabfood and Food Panda), dine in and take out at the following branches: Greenbelt, Ayala North Exchange, Shangri-la Edsa Plaza and Vista North Molino.   Follow @watamiph.


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WAFU: Unlimited Teppanyaki for P1,200.00+

We went to Greenhills to watch John Wick Chapter 2 and plan to have dinner in one of the Japanese restaurant in the area in celebration of Valentine’s season.

And we’re back at Wafu Japanese Restaurant which offers wide varieties of Japanese dishes from Teppanyaki, Sushi, Bowls and Steaks. 

Amazing and elegant interior and I am super WOWed again with it’s beautiful, bright and spacious set-up. I am fascinated too with the majestic and classy furnitures inside the 2-storey restaurant. 

Upon entry we were greeted and assisted by Wafu’s courteous staff until we reached the Teppanyaki area which is located at the second floor of the restaurant. 

The staff handed the menu for their Teppanyaki and checked the provided list what meat we will be getting. The chef pre-heated the pan and he gave us some fire as the signal that he will start to cook the first dish. He started to spread and put the rice in the big pan and break the egg to cook the fried rice. Then followed by salmon, 3 cuts of beef (tenderloin, gyuniku and hanging tender), chicken, oysters, squid, clams and lastly the sprouts. While the chef cooking in front of us, the staff served the shrimp tempura, soup, maki and the sauces for teppanyaki. The chef told us that we need to eat after he cooked each meat/vegetable for better quality… which we did. And lastly the staff served the free scoop of ice cream. I had strawberry flavor for sweet ending. By the way, unlimited iced tea was served.


🍱 Ishikare Nabe Soup (Salmon with Miso) – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5


🍱 Japanese Fried Rice – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5


🍱 Chicken Teppanyaki – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

🍱 U.S. Beef Hanging Tender – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

🍱 Beef Tenderloin – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

🍱 U.S. Gyuniku – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5


🍱 Squid – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

🍱 Oysters – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

🍱 Fresh Clams – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

🍱 Salmon – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5


🍱 Moyashi (Bean Sprouts) – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5


🍱 Shrimp Tempura – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

🍱 Buta Enoki Maki -‘⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5


🍱 Strawberry Ice Cream – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5


🍱 Iced Tea – ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5
All of the dishes cooked were ” Super Sarap”. My favorites were the 3 cuts of beef especially the tenderloin and the oysters – “Swabe and lasa!”

Overall, we had a wonderful time and satisfied our cravings for Japanese Teppanyaki. Total damage per head – Php1,200.00+

#ilovetoeatph 😃❤

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Do you remember the first time you stepped into an Italianni’s restaurant? Perhaps you were with the family, your colleagues, or a special someone and you were all greeted at the door by a cheerful “Buon Giorno”!

Partaking of their complimentary Foccacia and Tuscan breads served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you browsed the hearty Italian-American menu. After a sterling dining experience (which concluded with a jovial “Grazie”), you realized why you chose Italianni’s, the same reasons why you keep coming back all these years- good food, conviviality, and service.

In a country of food-loving people, select places thrive to mark milestone after milestone of success and Italianni’s is one of those winning casual dining restaurants. As it celebrates its silver anniversary this February, there’s no better time to relive memorable Italianni’s moments than now. Indeed, it has been an extremely rewarding 25 years.

Since the establishment of its maiden branch at Greenbelt 1 in 1996, the restaurant has captured the hearts (and discriminating palates) of Filipino foodies. Its unique shared-style dining concept as essayed by its slogan “Amore di Merrier” made Italianni’s an instant hit among Filipinos. It has brought the art of enjoying huge servings of fabulous food to its guests.

After 25 years, the classic dishes still hog the spotlight – Spaghetti and Meatballs, Spinach Artichoke Formaggio, Seafood Cioppino, Sicilian Salad, Quattro Staggioni Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Tartuffo Cake and NY Cheesecake.

Italianni’s lives by one of its credos: GRAND to imply “Guest Requests are Never Denied”. The staff go the extra mile to please guests with simple gestures such as providing an extra salad dressing or parmesan cheese, cooking items off the menu, to indulging kids to assemble their own pizza. It is a passion founded on Bistro’s genuine and authentic customer service.


Italianni’s is giving back to everyone who has patronized it the last 25 years. So, all pizzas are available at 50% off on February 23 for dine-in and take-out orders. That means, you can enjoy their Classico, Margherita, Quattro Carne, Truffle Mushroom, Quattro Staggioni, Pepperoni, Tropicale, Shrimp and Mushroom Anchovy, Garlic and Cheese, and Quattro Formaggi pizzas…at half the price!

The restaurant says “Grazie!” for sharing 25 years of wonderful and fulfilling journey and Italianni’s expects many more years of bringing people together. The future is promising and they’re in this for the long haul.

Happy silver anniversary, Italianni’s!

(To know more about Italiannis, its dishes, and promos, like and follow them on Facebook/Instagram: italiannisph or check out their website


Chef Jessie Says it with Cakes this Valentine

Express your love this Valentine’s Day with gloriously delicious and amazingly beautiful cakes by Chef Jessie Sincioco.

Chef Jessie’s creations come infused with dark rich chocolate, stuffed with fresh, sweet mangoes, pressed with chopped pistachios, topped with bright berries, filled with strawberry cream or iced with ube halaya.

On top of the list is the Award Winning My Tita’s Special Treat, a delicate and moist cake sponge with puree of ripe Philippine mangoes filled with buttercream and mango slices, iced with cream cheese frosting and decorated with Chef Jessie’s signature mango rose.

Princess Carmen is Chef Jessie’s version of sans rival with layers of luscious pistachio meringue and French butter cream filling topped with vanilla cream Chantilly and chopped pistachios.

Strawberry Shortcake is a towering moist vanilla sponge cake filled and iced with light strawberry cream, top glazed with homemade strawberry gelee and adorned with fresh strawberries.

Chef Jessie’s Baked Cheesecake comes with a hint of vanilla and fresh lemon with cornflake crust topped with your choice of cherry, blueberry, mango or a combination of your favorite fruit topping.

You cannot get more chocolate than Chocolate Gateau “A La Teddy Keng” with layers of dark chocolate sponge cake filled with dulce de leche chocolate ganache, covered with a rich chocolate icing and decorated with soutache and dark chocolate flower.

Another creation is Chocolate Fudge Cake, a sponge cake with chocolate ganache and light vanilla cream covered with dark chocolate icing and topped with fresh fruits.

Something light and chocolaty is “All Occasion” Chocolate Mousse Cake. A light chocolate sponge cake filled with equally light chocolate mousse iced with vanilla cream Chantilly and decorated with fresh fruits in season. Sugar Free “M” Cake is for those looking for a healthy yet still delectable option. This elegantly simple cake is sugar free and gluten free, topped with a thick layer of sugar free dark chocolate mousse and laced with toasted almond flakes.

A nod to local flavors is Ube Macapuno Cake which is ube chiffon cake filled and iced with homemade halaya mousse and generously topped with tender macapuno strips.

For Valentine, Chef Jessie can personalize your cake of choice with your own sweet sentiments.

Place your order 2 days in advance for pick up or delivery. Text or call 0917-896-7880, 0917-833-0797 and 0977-0976-649 or email Pick up is at Chef Jessie’s Place located at 1997 Pililia St. corner Obrero and Tanay Streets, Makati and is open everyday for pick up and delivery from 9am to 6pm.

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Datu Puti gets the spotlight in new Guinness World Records™ Title

Datu Puti just kicked off 2021 by making history in setting a new Guinness World Records™ title for the most people dipping food into vinegar online simultaneously.

The Datu Puti Mukhasim Nation World Record Day was led by host Sam YG, SukAmbassadors Tita Krissy Achino, Eric “Eruption” Tai, and Maymay Entrata, and Ka-Datu Facilitators JC Tevez, Nikki Viola, Show Suzuki and Cara Eriguel.

On January 24, the brand hosted a large-scale online meeting via Zoom, dubbed as the Datu Puti Mukhasim Nation World Record Day, where nearly 200 “Ka-Datus” joined the attempt to set a new Guinness World Records™ title. Hosted by Sam YG, the official title attempt was led by Datu Puti’s celebrity Sukambassadors Tita Krissy Achino, Eric “Eruption” Tai, and Maymay Entrata.

Participants were divided into six Tribo Breakout Rooms, namely Tribo Sukang Puti facilitated by JC Tevez, Tribo Sukang Sinamak with Maymay Entrata and Cara Eriguel, Tribo Pinoy Spice headed by Eric “Eruption” Tai, Tribo Sukang Tagalog with Tita Krissy Achino, Tribo Sukang Iloko with Show Suzuki, and Tribo Spiced Vinegar led by Nikki Viola.

The breakout rooms ensured that Guinness World Records™ official adjudicator Brian Sobel, who joined the call all the way from Australia, and six other independent witnesses were able to monitor and check if all the guidelines of the attempt were followed.

At the sound of the Sawsaw Signal, all Ka-Datus and Sukambassadors simultaneously showed their best “Sawsaw-Tikim-Mukhasim” move on camera. Participants simultaneously dipped their choice of food into their favorite Datu Puti Vinegar before tasting its naturally fermented goodness that brings out the best Mukhasim reaction.

Nearly 200 participants simultaneously dipped their food into Datu Puti Vinegar at the sound of the SAWSAW Signal which signified the start of the Official Guinness World Records™ Attempt.

As the undisputed leading vinegar brand in the country since 1975, Datu Puti has consistently provided a satisfying nuot-asim sarap that makes great-tasting dishes a lot more enjoyable. Also known as the pambansang suka, Datu Puti now comes in five distinctly Filipino flavors that celebrate the diversity of our cuisine and culture: Datu Puti Sukang Sinamak, Datu Puti Sukang Iloko, Datu Puti Sukang Tagalog, Datu Puti Pinoy Spice, and the classic Datu Puti White Vinegar.

Guinness World Records™ adjudicator Brian Sobel congratulated all Ka-Datus for participating in the historic event, which was also witnessed live by thousands of viewers through the Datu Puti Facebook Page.

“After a thorough review of all the footage from the Datu Puti Mukhasim Nation World Record Day, which took place on January 24, I am very happy and proud to announce that you have managed to set a new Guinness World Records™ title of the most people dipping food into vinegar online simultaneously. I congratulate Datu Puti and all the Ka-Datus for this ‘officially amazing’ feat. I hope that this new record will not only make Datu Puti and the Ka-Datu’s proud of their achievement, but also help inspire more people in your country and all over the world to explore their own limitless possibilities.” said Sobel.

Participants were divided into six Tribo Breakout Rooms namely Tribo Sukang Puti, Tribo Sukang Sinamak, Tribo Pinoy Spice, Tribo Sukang Tagalog, Tribo Sukang Iloko, and Tribo Spiced Vinegar. This is to ensure that everyone is seen during the Official Guinness World Records™ Attempt.

Not only is this feat remarkable for gathering a large number of participants online, but also because of its symbolism. At a time when we are unable to gather physically, the Filipino resilience shines through by finding ways and means to celebrate as a community, even at a distance.



Turn hump days into hooray days!  

On Wednesday, February 3, all TGI Fridays, Watami and Red Lobster branches nationwide are offering an amazing 50% discount across all items on the menus all-day-long! That means that your choices are incredibly wide!

Partial to American comfort food? Order your favorite burgers, ribs, pastas and more from TGIFridays and enjoy another fun meal with your loved ones.

Japanese food that delights your taste buds are what you can partake of when you purchase from Watami! Think sushi, aburi, sashimi, tempura, ramen, rice bowls and all things deliciously Japanese!

Decadent seafood dishes, meanwhile, are what await you at Red Lobster! Clawsome delight is what you’ll get from every morsel when you order the Admiral’s Feast or the Ultimate Surf & Turf and the other assorted pasta and fish fare.  

Enjoy all these at half-price with a minimum P1,500 purchase requirement. Applicable maximum discount is P1,000.00.

These offers are exclusive on GrabFood.


Mega Global Celebrates the Second National Sardines Day in the Philippines with Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko launch and Mega Manufacturing Plant groundbreaking Malasakit is at the heart of Mega Global’s National Sardines Day campaign as they roll-out a nationwide CSR initiative and break ground on their newest manufacturing plant

Manila, Philippines, November 2020 – There is no doubt that sardines is a Filipino staple that has graced millions of dining tables for decades. It is affordable, delicious and it’s good for the body as it’s packed with calcium, omega-3 and vitamin D. Leading sardine company Mega Global Corporation highlights the importance of the humble sardines through its National Sardines Day celebration which started in 2019. In its second year, Mega Global commemorates this day by launching the nationwide Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko Program.

Driven by a culture of malasakit, Mega Global has always strived to uplift the Filipino community by providing only the best products to their consumers and contributing to nation-building efforts. Led by the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation, Mega Global’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, the company has been giving back to the people and helping those that need it most through various initiatives and programs. This year alone, Mega Global has been taking part in different COVID-19 and disaster relief donation drives in partnership with LGUs, hospitals and other private organizations and has been consistently providing meals to frontliners and underprivileged communities.

Recognizing that malasakit is needed now more than ever, Mega Global decided to celebrate the 2nd National Sardines Day by launching the Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko CSR program that aims to feed 100,000 nutritious meals to Filipino families and communities all over the country, and building their Mega Manufacturing Plant to help drive economic growth and create over 1,000 jobs.

“The culture of malasakit is deeply embedded in our company, and it is second nature for us to step in when and where we can,” says William Tiu Lim. “That’s why we wanted this year’s National Sardines Day to be more meaningful by scaling up our CSR program to reach more Filipinos and breaking ground on our newest manufacturing plant which will be fully operational by February 2022.”

Mega Global invested over PHP 1 billion to build its second manufacturing plant in order to meet the growing demand for its canned goods both in Luzon and abroad and to help boost the nation’s economy amidst the pandemic. Located in Sto. Tomas Batangas, this state-of-the-art, multi-line food manufacturing facility will implement Mega Global’s meticulous and sustainable practices in all its operations and will run on energy-efficient light source to minimize its carbon footprint.

Improving Everyday Lives

As a company that not only provides Mega Sardines but other well-loved products like Mega Tuna, Mega Creations and Mega Prime, Mega Global has always been focused on health and nutrition.

With every product it makes, they hope to provide the Filipino people with food that not only tastes good, but is also able to provide them with the nutrients they need everyday.

The Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko Program is another step towards Mega Global’s goal of improving the health and nutrition of their fellow Filipinos. Led by their Mega Tiu Lim Foundation in partnership with Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP) and Nutrition Center of the Philippines, (NCP), this initiative is a 30-day meal planning and distribution program that aims to feed over 100,000 Filipino families nationwide before the year ends. Seeing how their Covid-19 response program last April was able to positively impact the lives of those they served, the company wanted to extend this to more communities in need and to make the holiday season special for everyone despite the pandemic.

Mega Pasko sa Puso ng Pilipino

For Mega Global, National Sardines Day has gone beyond simply appreciating sardines and its importance in our pantry and on our tables. National Sardines Day has become a way for them to continue their mission in uplifting the lives of the Filipinos and at the same time, pushing for the importance of proper nutrition for everyone.

That is why Mega Global is inviting everyone to join the culmination of the 2nd National Sardines Day on November 24. They will be hosting an online celebration on their Facebook page so that everyone can celebrate and share their love for sardines together. Leading the event is Mega Sardines’ brand ambassador Piolo Pascual together with key personalities and influencers, who will talk about the importance of nutrition in the family and their love for this Filipino food staple. Everyone is welcome to join the fun!

An Invitation to Help

Mega Global is also encouraging Filipinos to take part in this year’s Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko Program. Through the participation of its consumers, Mega Global will be able to reach more people and to impact more lives. For every purchase of any National Sardines Day Bundle in the Mega Online Store, Official Mega Global Stores in Shopee and Lazada, 100 pesos will be donated to the ROFP beneficiaries.

“We will always work hard to improve the lives of Filipinos, whether it’s through providing quality and nutritious canned goods, providing jobs, or through the company’s CSR initiatives. We believe that if we all work together, whether you’re working inside the company or just a regular consumer, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of those around us” shares Tiu Lim.

For more information on National Sardines Day and Mega Bigay Sustansya sa Pasko Program, visit Mega Sardines’ social media page –


Bleeding Heart Rum Company’s new expression, Don Papa Rye Aged Rum, marries the best of two worlds

MANILA, Philippines—The Bleeding Heart Rum Company, makers of Don Papa Rum, has taken inspiration from 1920s American prohibition for their new release: Don Papa Rye Aged Rum.

The new expression was introduced to the members of the media in an event last November 20 at The Kanlaon— a virtual speakeasy, inspired by Negros island’s Mount Kanlaon, hidden in the depths of the Sugarlandia jungle. The media received a locked box with a secret combination revealed only during the event. Upon joining the call, they found themselves wandering through the jungle until they were met by a doorman at a gated door before being welcomed into the speakeasy through a bluegrass performance by Nino Mendoza.

“Though the Spanish occupied the Philippines for more than 300 years, the Americans still managed to leave a lasting impression on Filipinos,” Global Brand Manager Mig Molina explains. “Imagine a lush rye field on a Tennessee spring day merging with a warm tropical shower blowing in from the Philippine sea. This is the inspiration for Don Papa Rye Aged Rum—American Rye meets Philippine sugar. It combines the intense, granular, spicy notes from the rye barrels with Don Papa’s black gold molasses rum.”

The resulting product is a smooth, silky, complex new rum with a unique personality. The new expression has a delicate combination of spicy, salty, and fruity notes with a hint of pepper. The liquid, with a pale golden straw color, has a rich, dry, velvety mouthfeel, and a smooth finish. These notes make Don Papa Rye Aged Rum a fantastic expression for whiskey connoisseurs to explore the mystical world of Don Papa Rum.

“Since 2014, when we released our 2nd expression, the Don Papa 10-Year, we have always kept our eyes on bringing together more innovation for the brand. The Rye Aged Rum was a bit of a wild card, to be honest, because instead of aging the rum in ex-American oak bourbon barrels and then transferring them to finishing barrels, we aged this rum directly into rye barrels. The result is a new product that we feel is an interesting addition to our portfolio.” Co-Founder AJ Garcia explains the reason behind the brand’s launch in the current situation.

As guests tried the new rum along with some cocktails and bar chow found in the the Kanlaon kit, they enjoyed encore performances from Nino Mendoza and Kakoy Legaspi. The Kanlaon kit came with two special drinks: a Don Papa Rye Manhattan and the Don Creole, which were prepared by Don Papa’s Program Development Manager, Aaron Goodal.

“The great thing with our expressions, especially the Rye Aged Rum is that it’s quite diverse in the ways you can enjoy it,” says Aaron. “You can enjoy it neat, you can have it on the rocks, or even as a cocktail. As it’s a bit drier than your usual Don Papa, Rye Aged Rum is a unique rum that bridges the gap between the whiskey world and the rum world.”

Asked about which food could pair well with the new rum, Monica Llamas-Garcia, Head of Brand and Communications shared, “What always works for me is chocolate. But the light spice notes and subtle sweetness of our Rye also works well with a traditional heavy meal— think barbecue or maybe even lechon.”

Don Papa Rye Aged Rum is currently available online for delivery through and and will soon be available in different brick and mortar shops.

To know more about Don Papa Rum and the Bleeding Heart Rum Company, follow them on Facebook & Instagram @donpaparum and read up on more details from their website,

About Don Papa Rum

Bleeding Heart Rum Company created Don Papa, a small batch rum from the main local sugar-producing island, Negros. Its premium blend is distilled from local sugar cane aged in Ex-American Bourbon oak up to 7 years before being blended. Don Papa spans across 27 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and South Africa.


Premium Poké Sushi Bakes of Salmon HQ

I never thought that Poké and Sushi Bake will have its own fusion. And yes, Salmon HQ made it extra special. Imagine your favorite premium cut salmon sashimi and baked tuna and/or salmon poké in one mouthwatering dish. So good to think right now. Are you craving for it?

Dishes you can’t resist from Salmon HQ:

🍣 Premium Salmon Cake

🍣 Tuna Poké

🍣 Aburi Salmon Poké

For orders, you may visit and DM @salmon.hq Instagram account. Accepting PAYMAYA, GCASH, BDO and MBTC for payment. Also available for pick-up and delivery via Grab and Lalamove


Jollibee’s new Crisscut Fries bring the flavor with every bite!Filipinos are sure to enjoy this new crispy, flavorful, and fun take on fries

One of life’s simplest pleasures is to enjoy food and seek out new and exciting flavors. Delicious food is undeniably a simple joy to everyone, and it’s even better when you try out something new.

Jollibee Crisscut Fries

It’s in that spirit of adventure and new things when it comes to food that Jollibee launches its new Crisscut Fries, which comes with extra crispiness in a unique and satisfying potato-filled shape, and made even more fun with its mouthwatering dips!

The new Crisscut Fries bring the flavor with every bite as it’s coated with different spices and paired with delicious Honey Mustard or Thousand Island dips. Not only do you get the savory goodness of the fries, but you also get to enjoy a pleasant twist of flavor from the dips!

“The arrival of Jollibee’s new Crisscut Fries is perfect at a time when we all want to find pleasure in tasting fun and exciting flavors,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Marketing Director. “With its addictive deliciousness, it’s sure to quickly become Filipinos’ new favorite snack.”

The Crisscut Fries are also available via upgrade when you purchase any Value Meal with fries. In addition, everyone can also enjoy the new Crisscut Friesas part of a combo with the Jollibee Chickenjoy, giving people a new way to enjoy their favorite crispylicious and juicylicious fried chicken.

Jollibee’s Crisscut Fries,Chickenjoy with Crisscut Fries combo, and the special dips are now available for safe delivery via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, foodpanda, and LalaFood! It’s also available for drive-thru and take-out.

For more info and updates on Jollibee products, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Studios on YouTube, and follow @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.


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